Saturday, June 17, 2006

Lou & Thella

The in-laws have sold their home in Ingleside and have abandoned the "mold coast" for all time. A few hurricanes, a lot of humidity, estrangement from family and the gulf coast has lost its charm. So they are moving to San Antonio.

We have been searching for a home for them. After a few false starts, offers that fell through ( I still think that one couple is probably kicking themselves for trying to counter offer rather than accept the proffered offer), a modicum of emotion and strain and kissing a lot of frogs they have found their dream home.

For Lou it has a double gate to park an rv or boat in the back yard, an outdoor shop wired for power tools, palm trees (do you have any idea how hard it is to find palm trees rather than live oak or mesquite trees in San Antonio?) and several project possibilities.

For Thella it has a swimming pool with a spa, a view of the back yard from the kitchen and family room, a large master bath and a walk in closet. It has a large pantry and utility room. It also has a tree house to which she can banish Lou when he becomes too irracisble.

For both of them it has a covered patio with ceiling fans to which they can retire to watch the sunset and have an evening libation. We hope that they will find this new home to be a blessing and to fullfill all their dreams.

PS. Remember the perfect country & western song that wasn't because it didn't mention "momma, prison, pickup trucks or trains?". Jo Ann says this isn't a perfect post because it doesn't show the fireplace. Therefore...........

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